An exciting and rare opportunity has arisen for serious property investors in the Perth Hills! Please contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity ASAP.

Here at Dupont Realty we like to think about ourselves as not just Real Estate Agents or Property Managers, but as Wealth Creation Strategists! We aren't just passionate about finding you a beautiful home, we are equally passionate about the ability of property to create wealth for thoughtful, strategic investors.

Property is a relatively safe, proven and simple method of building wealth. Such wealth can either provide a much-needed supplement to your retirement nest-egg or allow you the means to escape a job you don't enjoy or even the Rat Race itself. Strategic property investment is a highly effective vehicle for wealth creation over time and can provide a clear pathway for financial freedom or whatever other financial goals you may have.

Unfortunately most people do not see beyond their own home when it comes to property investment. Worse still even those who actively engage in property investment often do so blindly with neither an adequate enough understanding of the dynamics involved for effective property investment nor a  clear strategy to wealth creation.

Fortunately here at Dupont Realty, we want to help! We have over 50 years combined experience not just of Real Estate but Property Investment and Accounting too! Nothing gives us greater joy than helping investors reach their financial goals by providing them with the benefit of our real estate knowledge and experience. We also work closely with Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Settlement Agents and Accountants to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal required for effective and productive property investment.

At our Wealth Creation Through Property seminar we will cover:

1. The fundamentals of 'Wealth Creation'.

2. Why Property Investment makes for a safe

    and effective wealth creation vehicle.

3. The mistakes that most Property Investors make.

Register for one of our Wealth Creation seminars now so that you begin to learn the key skills and take the first steps towards strategic property investment. The most important ingredient for Wealth Creation from Property Investment is ACTION and the Best Time to Act is always NOW! 

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