"Home Stories"

In  real estate, it is common for a house to be marketed as something sanitized, wiped clean of all life and personality. And while we can certainly all appreciate the beauty of a house made clean and fresh, and that technique can be useful depending on your target market, when it comes to buying and selling homes, at Dupont we believe it goes beyond just floors, wall and a roof.

When you sell a home, you take with you your memories - the way the rain on the roof would sooth your newborn to sleep, how you would arrange dinner parties to show off your amazing alfresco, and how nice it felt to snuggle in with your partner in front of your raging fireplace. Why not share them?


Don't hide the quirks and delights of your house, the little things that made it truly unique - the things that made it truly yours, and make it so hard to leave. Because a house is more than just bricks and mortar - a house is a home. And your home has a story. Let us help you share it.